Batik painting is an art and a craft. Traditionally made in Central Java, Indonesia. The theme of batik painting is up to the artist himself, can themed abstract, landscapes, people, animals, etc. Batik painting is widely used as a wall hanging or home decoration. The process of making batik painting is the same as the process of making batik cloth that is by dyeing process.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Literature of wayang, Javanese culture, wayang figur on batik fabric

Wayang painting

Wayang is an ancient traditional art that already exist in Indonesia since the days of the Hindu kingdom. Wayang show usually tells the story of war, romance, or humor stories. Wayang show is very appreciated by the public at that time. Wayang show directed by a DALANG, that is a man or woman that move the wayang puppets. There is no specific literature explaining when the wayang story in Indonesia. Along with the changing times, wayang adopting Javanese culture. Many community events are retold in a wayang show. Wayang can also be found in the form of batik paintings, that is wayang figure made on batik fabric. 
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