Batik painting is an art and a craft. Traditionally made in Central Java, Indonesia. The theme of batik painting is up to the artist himself, can themed abstract, landscapes, people, animals, etc. Batik painting is widely used as a wall hanging or home decoration. The process of making batik painting is the same as the process of making batik cloth that is by dyeing process.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Indonesia art gallery, Face Painting, Contemporary Artists, Decorative Painting, Wall Art

Girl by Prabowo

Batik painting is one of the nation's cultural heritage of Indonesia. Many contemporary and modern artists here. In Indonesia, especially in Java, we have encountered many art gallery. Besides selling oil painting, they also sell batik painting. Batik painting is usually used as a decorative painting or wall art. 
One of the famous painter is Prabowo, he is a specialist face painter, and abstract. Prabowo paintings can be found in the online art gallery here.

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