Batik painting is an art and a craft. Traditionally made in Central Java, Indonesia. The theme of batik painting is up to the artist himself, can themed abstract, landscapes, people, animals, etc. Batik painting is widely used as a wall hanging or home decoration. The process of making batik painting is the same as the process of making batik cloth that is by dyeing process.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Batik painting, a mother is carrying firewood, colorful fish, masks, and chicken fighting

Batik painting depicts a mother who was carrying firewood from the forest for cooking use
Mother carrying firewood, batik fabric wall art

Batik paintings of colorful fish below will beautify your room
Colorful fish, batik wall decorations
Themed batik painting masks
Batik painting depicts a chicken fighting
Cock fighting, for your home wall decor

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